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I got so much value out of this.

We repositioned our brand, renamed it, designed a new visual identity, and launched a great marketing website.

Jon was very meticulous and really went the extra mile. It was reassuring to go through the rebrand with someone who has a solid process in place.

David Morgan, Creme Carpets

Branding case studies

Modern premium business card design

From mom-and-pop to high-end

They used to be just one of many mom-and-pop flooring shops in Canberra, Australia. Then I helped them reposition into a premium segment of the market. Revenue is up, the owner is happier, and they’re getting more business than they can handle.

Pedro Falcon Contractors pickup truck with logo decal

Tasteful logo evolution

Pedro Falcon Contractors’ old logo was aesthetically unappealing and hard to use, especially online. They came to me, and I helped them fix it. Through a tasteful logo evolution, the best aspects of their old logo were refined and turned into a bold, self-confident mark fit for use in any size and any medium.

Ed Latimore responsive website design

Leveling-up a best-selling author

What happens when you reach internet fame? You professionalize. I helped writer and influencer Ed Latimore craft a clear brand strategy, messaging, and identity. Then I built him a website that generates leads and drives revenue.

Factorion branding print ephemera

Cutting through the B.S. of high-tech consulting

How I helped simplify and clarify the value prop of a Dutch smart industry consultancy, and develop a fresh brand identity.

Passion Motors brand messaging billboard

Launching a marketplace for enthusiast cars

Tomasz needed help bringing his start-up — an online marketplace for enthusiast cars — to market. Together we honed his strategy, created the visual identity and messaging, and built a minimum-viable version of his marketplace platform.

Min galopphäst print collateral

Strategy and branding for racehorse company

Jessica is an enterprising attorney-turned-racehorse-trainer in Sweden. She sells ownership shares in her horses, and I helped her overhaul her overall marketing strategy and created a visual identity and Shopify website to do business through.

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