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Helping an author connect with his readers

When Jimmy came to me he was already a successful author, but he lacked an online presence.


Jimmy Soni and I worked together in November 2021. He needed a platform built to capture the traffic that would be coming his way after the launch of his big PayPal biography, The Founders in February 2022.

Logo design for Jimmy Soni
Simplified logo design for Jimmy Soni
Photo of Jimmy Soni rendered in a halftone pattern
Instagram carousel sharing lessons from the founders of PayPal
iPads showing sections of a blog post about Claude Shannon
Image displaying Jimmy Soni's main brand colors; blue, red, off-white, and off-black.
Blurb for Jimmy Soni's book, by Walter Isaacson, author of the famous Steve Jobs biography
Screenshot of the above-the-fold section of the web page showcasing Jimmy Soni's book, “The Founders”
Section of the sitemap for Jimmy Soni's website
Book card UI components from Jimmy Soni's website
iPhones showcasing different pages of Jimmy Soni's website

You’re pushing me to think bigger about my work.

Jimmy Soni
Jimmy Soni
Author, The Founders