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Full-stack branding for solopreneurs who want to stand apart.

I employ positioning, messaging, and design to help my clients win. Like a big-budget agency—only without the insane fees and long turnarounds, and far more personal.

The violent war for attention

There’s a war going on, and I’m not talking about the one in the Ukraine. It’s the war for people’s attention—and you’re drafted.

Bad news: you’ve brought a knife to a nuke-fight. Good news: I’m your ally, arms dealer, and war-time general. With me by your side, you might just make it out alive—and capture valuable territory while you’re at it.

How you win

In the war for attention, battles are won through two Cs and one Q: clarity of message, quality of presentation, and confidence in action. These are your keys to brand growth. By mastering them, you will sell more, make more, and win—even as an army of one.

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Get equipped to fight.

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