Custom engagement

New messaging, identity, and website quintuple conversions

Email opt-in rate 4.9x
Digital sales lift 404%
1-year ROI 441%


I helped long-time client Ed Latimore completely overhaul his brand and online presence.

The new messaging and strategy-informed design generated an explosive and sustained increase in product sales and newsletter opt-ins.


Brand strategy

  • Competitive analysis
  • Clarified customer personas
  • Overarching & segmented value props
  • Decided on look & feel of brand

Content strategy

  • Created strategies for blog & IG
  • Defined topic clusters for SEO
  • Created messaging strategy & assets

Visual identity

  • Created logo for digital & print
  • Colors, type, & supporting visuals
  • Art direction for photography
  • Print and digital collateral

Website design

  • UX strategy, objectives
  • Design & development
  • User testing
  • Ongoing optimization & consulting

Brand strategy

Ed has maintained an online presence through his writing and social media since 2015. Until recently, his growth was fueled mainly by three things:

  • Personal charisma
  • A compelling and unique life story
  • Prolificness

But he lacked a coherent strategy to really accelerate his success. His attention was scattered across many different projects, most of which were not really on-brand.

Worse: most people, including Ed himself, when asked why someone should follow him, struggled to come up with a succinct answer that wasn’t super generic.

His messaging lacked focus, because his strategy was unclear.

In a series of workshops, I helped Ed stake out a clear brand strategy that would differentiate him from other writers and influencers in the space.

Visual identity

I designed a distinct visual identity—including logo, color palette, typographic treatment, and print applications.

The identity reflects Ed’s persona and the ethos of “stoic street-smarts”. It is bold and raw, yet refined and when appropriate even elegant.

Business card design for author Ed Latimore
Wordmark logo design
Mobile web design
Typographic Instagram carousel design
Brand messaging kit for author Ed Latimore
Poster design to promote speaking engagement


A critical piece of the puzzle in this project was Ed’s website. The previous website was very popular, but failed in some important ways:

It was severely under-monetized, it was difficult for users to discover Ed’s older content, and it wasn’t properly aligned with a broader business strategy.

We kicked off the website design phase by discussing and ruthlessly prioritising business objectives and user objectives. After careful deliberation, we settled on the following list of business objectives:

  1. Grow newsletter
  2. Sell books & courses
  3. Book speaking engagements and podcast appearances

During the design of the website, we balanced these objectives with what we had identified as the main user objectives:

  1. Discover top relevant content
  2. Judge Ed’s credibility (for newcomers)
  3. Take action
Website design for professional author and speaker
Website design for professional author and speaker
Mobile website design for author and speaker
Google PageSpeed score

Jon is a rare breed: he integrates artistry, business, and tech to give you an unmatched advantage over everyone in your niche. I strongly recommend working with him.

Ed Latimore
Ed Latimore Author & blogger

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I got so much value out of this. We repositioned our brand, renamed it, designed a new visual identity, and launched a great marketing website. A year later our revenue is up 77%.

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