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IT consulting for food & agriculture

After going it alone for four years, Betza’s consultancy was evolving into a small firm. I created professional branding and a website to demonstrate credibility.

Logo design for Triarama
Blue one-sheet flyers organized in a grid. The back of the flyers say, “Find a better way of doing things.”
Simplified logo design for Triarama, an upside down triangle shape locked inside a larger triangle shape with the edges cut off
A grid of brand color combinations. Triarama’s brand colors are blue, green, and red, and each color is used in conjunction with white or a different shade of itself.
Dark red text on top of a dusty pink background. The text says, “For the forward-thinkers, opportunity-seizers, different-doers, and ceaseless improvers.”
Two mockups of LinkedIn posts featuring branded images. One image says “Find a better way of doing things,” the other says “Partners in your pursuit of productivity.”
Green lanyard with Triarama’s logo printed along the cord.
Animated GIF scrolling through Triarama’s home page inside a MacBook Pro