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Creating a magnetic e-commerce brand

Greco Gum launched in 2021. It was an immediate and meteoric success. Here’s how we did it.

Sold out
7 times in a row
Email opt-ins
From 0 to 4,000+
Twitter followers
From 0 to 6,700+


Greco Gum is testament to the power of bold positioning and effective use of social media.

I helped build an e-commerce brand that differentiated itself in spite of selling a commodity product. A year after launch, Greco Gum was already a six-figure business—with zero paid advertising.

Logo design for e-commerce brand Greco Gum
Greco Gum tin in blue and ochre, surrounded by mastic gum
Logo design for Greco Gum
Looped video showing the Greco Gum tin surrounded by mastic gum, twigs, and sparkling water
Social media posts for Greco Gum that say “Train everything, chew through anything”; “Normalize handsomeness”; and “The classical ideal. Sculpt it.”
Blue and ochre Greco Gum tin with the lid open, revealing a thick layer of mastic gum
Text that says “Look better, breathe better, feel better.”
Photo of someone grabbing a Greco Gum tin from the back pocket of their jeans

Working with Jon is a big investment, but it’s totally worth it. People judge your business based on their one-second first impression of you, and if you don’t put your best foot forward you leave a lot of money on the table.

Logan Wright
Logan Wright
Founder, Greco Gum