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Consulting for carbon market companies

Benoît was ashamed to show people his website. Business has been booming ever since I overhauled his brand identity and built a website designed to sell.

Photo of Benoît Clément next to a green box that says “Clarity is right around the corner,” with Benoît's logo in the bottom left corner.
Framed poster standing on a desk. The poster bears Benoît’s branding, with text that says “Helping companies build a greener future.”
Simplified logo design for Benoît Clément
Three square images designed for LinkedIn, with messages like “Helping companies build a greener future” and “Create structure. Reach clarity.”
White text on top of dark green background that says, “I help carbon market ventures create the structure and clarity they need to succeed in their product and market strategies.”
Testimonial about Benoît Clément that says, “The global community is fortunate to have Benoit and folks like him leading the way to a more regenerative planet.”
Orange colored block with dark green text on top that says, “Create structure. Reach clarity.”
Two iPad Pros floating in the air, showing different pages of Benoît Clément’s website.
Animated GIF showing different pages of Benoît’s website in desktop view.

Jon figures out precisely what you need to communicate, and builds the mechanism that does it for you.

Thanks to him, I have consulting requests and advisory board member offers.

Benoît Clément
Benoît Clément