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Aligning brand identity to target audience

After years of using improvised DIY solutions, financial advisor Russ wanted to do branding the right way.


Russ was stuck with a self-managed brand and website that, in his own words, were “neither professional nor polished looking … preventing potential clients from reaching out to me to learn more.”

Together with Russ, I developed a brand identity and website tailored to his advisory firm’s unique needs. Following onto our original engagement, I also helped Russ create a practical content strategy to generate more leads through organic search.

Logo design for Wealthcare for Women
Color blocks in deep blue, a soft orange-to-blue gradient, and bright purplish red.
Simplified logo design for Wealthcare for Women
Messaging device saying “Retire comfortably.”
Mockups of Instagram carousel covers and Reel thumbnails bearing the Wealthcare for Women branding
Young ginger woman and old gray-haired woman in thick sweaters laughing together
Branded business card showing Russ Thornton's contact information
Screenshot of the above-the-fold section of Wealthcare for Women's “About” page

One of the best consulting experiences I’ve ever had. Period.

Russ Thornton
Russ Thornton
Retirement advisor, Wealthcare for Women