About Cult Method
Why we exist and who we serve.

Why we exist

We believe that humans are social beings. That people have an innate need and desire to belong to something greater than themselves.

If the 20th century was all about product and service, the 21st century will be all about community. Our mission is to help usher in this new era of commerce: one that is more personal and values-driven.

Who we’re for

We work with small companies who value quality and honesty. Underdogs with a vision. Entrepreneurs driven by a purpose beyond just making money.

These are the people we want to help build strong brands that can stand the test of time. Brands that stand out and make a real connection with people.

We don’t do everything,
but what we do—we do expertly.

Bring clarity

We help bring clarity to your branding by facilitating brand strategy workshops remotely and on-site.

Through these workshops, we identify what makes you truly different and what motivates your ideal customers.

At the end of a strategy project, you will have a roadmap to guide business decisions that affect your positioning—and an actionable set of initiatives to drive revenue and awareness.

Set you apart

A great strategy without corresponding action is meaningless. We help you translate your strategy into a visual identity and messaging.

We also work with experts in web development, content marketing, and social media to execute marketing initiatives for you.

Be a sounding board

Being a business owner can get lonely. Sometimes you just need to bounce ideas off someone. Whether it’s to follow up on a project or talk through a new idea, we offer monthly retainers for consulting calls.

Who are we, anyway?
Say hi to the team.

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Jon Persson
Brand Strategist
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Andrew Wenum
Account Manager

Pique your interest?
Let’s figure out if we were meant to be.

If you’re a small company with big dreams, drop us an email to book a free 30-minute consultation: