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Named a top European firm by Clutch!

Jon Persson
Jon Persson
Brand identity designer

As clients and frequent readers of this blog know, at CultMethod we devote ourselves to giving small businesses a fighting chance in the competition against large corporations.

We’re a scrappy brand studio (really, it’s just me, Jon, here), focused on getting long-term results for clients with small teams and limited budgets. Through smart strategizing and creative execution, we help clients attract new customers, build loyalty, and—ultimately—make more money.

And a result of our recent work, we’ve actually been named a top European branding firm by the B2B reviews site Clutch!

I would like to thank all our recent clients—Fidel at Mincka, David at Creme, Rachel and Molly at Sager Mosaics, Allen at Spy Guy, and of course my favourite Dutchmen: Thijs, Guus, and Mathijs at Factorion. There are thousands of brand studios out there, but you guys chose us.

And a very special thank-you goes out to David, who recently left a really lovely five-star review on our Clutch profile (no doubt his kind words helped us snag the Clutch Award).

As a small firm that’s still new to the scene, we feel really honored to receive this award. It’s a recognition of the hard work that we put in on behalf of our amazing clients, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

If you think there’s a way that CultMethod can help your small business, let’s get in touch!

Jon Persson
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Jon Persson

Brand strategist, identity designer, and founder of CultMethod. I help solopreneurs create brands that attract customers and command premium prices.
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