Launch Pad sprint

Rebranding a marketing agency

Client rating 5/5


Before, prospects were rejecting The Conversion Co because of their lackluster branding. Now, prospects are flocking to them.

The Conversion Co is a marketing agency that specializes in setting up inbound sales funnels for expertise-driven businesses (think: online education companies, consultancies and agencies).

The problem they were facing was a common one: while they felt confident in their ability to make their clients look like rock stars, they hit a brick wall trying to do the same for themselves. The lackluster branding was harming their credibility and repelling potential clients who took the poor design as a sign of poor quality service.

I created a brand identity that allows them to be proud to show off online.



  • Project goal definition

Brand strategy

  • Remote workshops
  • Defined value proposition
  • Decided on look & feel of brand
  • Prioritized website objectives

Brand creation

  • Created logo for digital & print
  • Colors, type, & supporting visual
  • Designed extensive marketing & content website (later developed in-house)


  • New brand identity launched!
  • 5/5 rating from client

Brand strategy

Week 1 of the Launch Pad sprint consisted of three client workshops, held remotely through Google Meet. We covered the most essential elements of The Conversion Co’s brand strategy:

  1. Ideal customers — who they are, what they want, why they choose to buy (and why they might hesitate), and where we can reach them.

  2. Brand attributes — desired look & feel, tone of voice, and relevant values/guiding beliefs that build emotional connection.

  3. Brand positioning & value proposition — how we can frame The Conversion Co’s services in a way that make the value of them obvious, attracts the right type of customer and repels bad fits.

During these workshops, it became obvious that the quality of their existing identity design was not the only problem: there was also a fundamental mismatch between the austere, corporate look and feel that they had been pursuing, and the energizing, friendly experience they bring to their client engagements.

Moreover, we were also able to identify ways in which their messaging could be improved! A pleasant surprise, as The Conversion Co’s founder, Stephen, is a professional copywriter and we didn’t think we’d make any changes to the existing copy.

Visual identity

The Conversion Co’s previous visual identity consisted of a logo mark, and not much else. The lackluster design and lack of visual consistency cost them a lot of money as they were excluded from consideration by a lot of companies in their target audience (prospects had told them as much).

I developed a simple yet effective visual identity, which better reflects The Conversion Co’s upbeat and friendly tone of voice while lending itself to application by their team of non-designers.

Logo redesign transformation before vs. after
Branded social profile design for B2B agency
Branded Instagram video design for Instagram
Business card design for B2B marketing agency
Office sign for B2B marketing agency
Keynote presentation slide for marketing agency

UX/UI design

This project was a little different from my usual Launch Pad sprints, in that the client had their own web development capabilities in-house. (Normally I design and develop a basic marketing website for Launch Pad clients.)

This allowed me to go deeper with the UX/UI design of the new website, and I ended up designing a quite extensive solution for them.

Website design for B2B marketing agency

Stephen’s testimonial

Stephen is very happy with the outcome, and the new identity has been well-received by people in his network.

Once the identity has been live for a little longer, I’m going to update this case study with some concrete stats. In the meantime, this is what Stephen has to say about the work:

Thanks to Jon, we’re able to create content we feel confident in.

Stephen Pratley
Stephen Pratley The Conversion Co. (Marketing agency)

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I got so much value out of this. We repositioned our brand, renamed it, designed a new visual identity, and launched a great marketing website. A year later our revenue is up 77%.

David Morgan
David Morgan Creme Carpets (Retail store)