Tasteful logo evolution
Pedro Falcon Contractors

At a glance

Pedro Falcon Contractors Inc. is a construction company in the Florida Keys. Established by the eponymous Pedro Falcon in 1985, and now run by Christian Brisson, the company specializes in commercial construction, and counts among its clients the federal government, Hyatt Hotels, Lockheed Martin, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

In 2020, I helped them refine their existing logo to reflect the high level of quality and attention of detail they bring to construction projects.

Project scope:

  • Logo Design

Why a logo evolution?

Not every project warrants a complete brand overhaul. When Pedro Falcon Contractors approached me, they were in the middle of a big website re-design. They had realized that their existing logo did not work at small scales, and more generally looked out of place on the new, modern website. However, they were not ready to switch to a completely new logo design: the existing one would remain on their vehicles and letterhead for some time.

So we decided a logo evolution would be the best course of action. The difference between a complete rebrand and a logo evolution is, as the name suggests, that the logo evolution strives to maintain a clear sense of continuity between the old and the new.

Simplifying the brand name

The first decision we made going into this project was to remove “Contractors” from the brand name. It made the name needlessly long and made the company come across as smaller than it actually is. We retained “Inc”, as it helps distinguish the brand name from a personal name and—again—cement the image of Pedro Falcon as an established construction company, as opposed to a small handyman business.

When life gives you lemons…

The existing logo design was, to put it bluntly, bad. The concept was basic and its execution poor.

Old Pedro Falcon Contractors Inc. logo design

The old logo had many problems. There were several different color combinations and lockups, many of which used slightly different shades of blue. Moreover, the wordmark and the symbol felt disconnected from each other—just to name a few problems.

The big challenge of this project was to salvage the redeemable parts of the old logo, while introducing something interesting to it (both in terms of concept and form).

The new logo retains the essence of the old one. It is still part of the same family—only this side of the family is well-groomed, well-spoken, and has its shit together.

New Pedro Falcon Contractors logo next to the old one

On the left: The old logo. On the right: the new logo. Bold, modern, and practical.

Structurally sound

The updated brand symbol feels structurally sound. Whereas the old symbol was top-heavy and felt like it could topple over at any time, the new symbol is firmly rooted in the ground.

The construction of the “PF” monogram is bold, stable, and visibly connected to the wordmark typography. And by changing the proportions between the top and bottom half of the monogram, we have introduced a very subtle nod to the hammer. In any other case, invoking hammer imagery in a construction company logo would come across as unimaginative and on the nose, but because it is hidden in this case, it becomes a fun easter egg instead.

New Pedro Falcon Contractors logo symbol, a PF monogram inside a rectangular shape with two rounded corners

New logo symbol in three colour variations

By connecting the monogram to the bottom of the background shape, a sense of depth and dimensionality is introduced to the symbol that wasn’t there before, making it more interesting to look at and thus more memorable.


The wordmark is set in a beautiful sans-serif typeface. The bold, all-uppercase letters project self-confidence and integrity: this is a company you can count on.

New Pedro Falcon Contractors logo, with a wordmark set in a bold sans-serif typeface

Modern, bold—and adaptible

The new logo is not only bold and modern—it looks great in a wide range of sizes, media, and lockups.

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Construction company branding

Strategy + identity = win

Through this logo evolution, not only did we modernize and inject new energy into the Pedro Falcon brand. We also realigned their brand identity to their business objectives, and set them up with a design that can serve them for many years to come.

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