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Branding a B2B SaaS startup


Hypothesis is a B2B software-as-a-service startup that helps companies communicate with customers and find product-market fit.

I helped them iterate on their brand strategy, consulted with them on their naming after a major product pivot, and then created an identity that gives them credibility when competing against much larger CRMs and user analysis tools.

Visual identity

I designed a distinct visual identity—including logo, color palette, typographic treatment, and digital and print applications.

B2B SaaS logo design
Business card design for SaaS startup Hypothesis
Typographic treatment for SaaS brand identity
Color palette for B2B SaaS brand identity
Gradient options for brand identity style guide
B2B SaaS logo design in different lockups and colorways
Brand identity applied to marketing website
Business card design for SaaS startup Hypothesis

Jon definitely exceeded my expectations. I knew it was gonna be good but the end result that has come out of it is like: ‘holy shit’.

Ryan Glover
Ryan Glover Hypothesis (SaaS)

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I got so much value out of this. We repositioned our brand, renamed it, designed a new visual identity, and launched a great marketing website. A year later our revenue is up 77%.

David Morgan
David Morgan Creme Carpets (Retail store)