Launch Pad sprint

Getting Daniel’s coaching practice off the ground

Client rating 5/5
Time to complete 2 weeks


Daniel reached out to me to help him launch his personal training business.

In a saturated market fraught with unserious actors, he needed to position himself as the credible, well-credentialed professional he is: Daniel has thousands of hours of experience as a trainer and is currently pursuing a clinical doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.

Through my fast-paced Launch Pad sprint, I helped Daniel articulate his value proposition, and distilled his unique style and philosophy into a simple yet visually striking brand identity and marketing website.

Role & outcomes

I was involved from day 1 on this project, providing feedback on Daniel’s planned service offering and marketing strategy, in addition to helping him define his value proposition.

In just two weeks, I delivered a finished brand identity and a fully functioning, easily editable website—all the essentials needed for a successful brand launch.



  • Pre-strategy worksheet
  • Project goal definition

Brand strategy

  • Remote workshops
  • Defined value proposition
  • Decided on look & feel of brand
  • Prioritized website objectives

Brand creation

  • Created logo for digital & print
  • Colors, type, & supporting visual
  • Designed & built marketing website


  • Marketing infrastructure set-up
  • Handover + CMS training
  • Brand launched!

Brand strategy

Week 1 of the Launch Pad sprint consisted of three client workshops, held remotely through Google Meet. We covered the most essential elements of Daniel’s brand strategy:

  1. Ideal customers — who they are, what they want, why they choose to buy (and why they might hesitate), and where we can reach them.

  2. Brand attributes — desired look & feel, tone of voice, and relevant values/guiding beliefs that build emotional connection.

  3. Brand positioning & value proposition — how we can frame Daniel’s services in a way that make the value of them obvious, attracts the right type of customer and repels bad fits.

For science and the tried-and-true, against six-pack hype

In the end, we arrived at a positioning strategy that would be sure to differentiate Daniel from the competitors in his area, and attract the type of client that he wants to work with.

This informed the design of the visual identity and how we presented Daniel and his services on his website.

Visual identity

Guided by the client workshops, I developed a simple and effective visual identity that reflects Daniel’s objectives while setting him apart in a very saturated market.

Business card design for Daniel Sanchez' personal training business
Branded t-shirt for Daniel Sanchez' personal training business
Branded wristbands for Daniel Sanchez' personal training business
Branded baseball cap for Daniel Sanchez' personal training business
Coaching logo design and key visual
Branded social media banner for coaching business


I custom-built Daniel’s marketing website on Jekyll, using CloudCannon as the content-management system.

The website needed to be nimble to begin with, with the capacity to grow in the future. Blogging features—to support Daniel’s medium-term intention to use content marketing to acquire clients—were built into the site.

As usual, I made sure to develop the website with load performance and technical search-engine optimization features in mind. As a result, it scores higher in both performance and technical SEO benchmarks than every single one of Daniel’s direct competitors.

Website design for coaching/personal training business

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I got so much value out of this. We repositioned our brand, renamed it, designed a new visual identity, and launched a great marketing website. A year later our revenue is up 77%.

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