Getting to the next level

You’ve got a pretty successful business. People are buying what you’re selling, and you’re making good money.

But you struggle to stand out from your competitors. Your visual and verbal communication isn’t connecting with consumers, and you feel like you’re constantly competing on price or promotions.

Your goal: to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty, so that you can finally get ahead of your competition.

Sound like you? Then I can help.

Inquire about branding help

Jon’s process really moved the ball forward for me.

He helped me think critically about my brand and he was able to distill all my different ideas into something actually marketable. Moreover, he presented strategies and tactics to increase awareness that weren’t even on my radar.

But what I really found refreshing was his energy, curiosity, and excitement. That’s something I really look for in the people I work with. When I find someone who takes this stuff as personally as I do, that’s someone I like to hold on to.

Dennis Walsh, Wheel Kinetics

I can help you:


Position your brand in a way that makes you stand out from your competition


Finally figure out how to communicate in a way that gets consumers to connect with your brand


Sharpen the visual identity of your brand; start using design as a strategic tool


Gain a long-term competitive advantage by intentionally shaping your brand image and reputation

5. Make more money

The bottom line is the bottom line. I will help you sharpen your business — both the internal workings of it and the external image — so that you can make more money.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Overhaul + strengthen your brand and messaging in 11 hours

Stop second guessing yourself — get clarity.

I’ve got a very clearly defined process that I take you through in order to help you reach clarity around your brand. The process consists of three workshops and three presentations carried out over the course of two weeks. Your total time investment is 11 hours.

The process is not rocket science, and it’s not magic. There are two reasons it works so well:

  1. The workshop exercises are designed to break down big decisions into bite-size chunks, eliminating overwhelm on your end and extracting clear answers
  2. I am a skilled facilitator and know what follow-up questions to ask, when to push back on half-baked or potentially ill-considered ideas. I actively contribute ideas and steer you in the right direction

Jon’s process is magic. What we did together was super helpful and is likely going to save my business (and my sanity).

I had all these ideas about what my brand should be and how I want to run my business. They just weren’t very clearly formed, and I didn’t have a good framework or structure to get them out.

Jon helped me extract the stuff in my mind in a way that made it meaningful and useful to me.

Ryan Glover, Clever Beagle

Week 1 of Brand Strategy

Buyer Profiles Workshop
  • Who is your tribe? Who do you aim to serve?
  • Detailed and action-oriented buyer profiles based on your primary and secondary target customers
  • Define value propositions for each buyer profile
  • Uncover unmet needs & wants
  • Packaged into printable PDF booklet
Brand Attributes Workshop
  • We define what qualities you want your brand to be associated with
  • Desired look and feel as well as voice and tone
  • Get to the heart of why you’re in business in the first place — we will use this to make customers care
  • Packaged into printable PDF booklet
Prioritization Workshop
  • Based on what we now know about your ideal buyers, we brainstorm and prioritise initiatives that can increase brand awareness and tasks that can increase revenue
  • Walk away with a list of action items to execute on
  • Packaged into printable PDF booklet

Week 2 of Brand Strategy

Competitive Analysis Presentation
  • Overview of your competitive landscape, prepared specially for you
  • Deep dives into specific competitors, evaluating their brand positioning, messaging, visual presentation and marketing strategy
  • Actionable recommendations based on findings
  • Packaged into PDF booklet
Brand Brief Presentation
  • Your brand, distilled into a one-page poster
  • Used as a jumping-off point for outward-facing brand messaging (the words that get people to choose you!)
  • Prevent overwhelm when thinking about your brand
  • Packaged into printable poster format
Proposal & Debrief
  • We review the work we’ve done together and make sure you're happy with the result
  • Present detailed roadmap showing how we can execute your new strategy together
  • Tailored to your unique needs and situation

OK — and then what?

You’ll notice I haven’t mentioned anything about logo re-designs, business re-naming, visual identity systems or websites yet.

If you work with any other branding studio or consultant, they will lead with those things. Not me.

I’m not interested in selling you things you don’t need just because it will make me more money. (The reason I started my own business was to do meaningful work, not bleed clients dry.)

Instead, after our Brand Strategy engagement is complete, I will sit down, look at your goals, and make thoughtful suggestions about how we can keep working together to build your brand.

If my suggestions make sense to you, we keep working together. If they don’t, we go our separate ways and you implement your new brand strategy on your own or with someone else.

But just in case you’re curious… The following things are safely within my wheelhouse:

  • Brand naming/renaming
  • Brand messaging
  • Logo design and visual identity systems
  • Stationery, business cards, other print materials
  • Websites

Let’s talk one-on-one.

During our 30-minute intro call, we’ll discuss your business: Where it’s at, what your goals are, and what’s standing in the way of you reaching them.

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about me and my process.

Then, we’ll decide if we want to work together. Oh—and if we don’t seem like a good fit, I’ll simply tell you.