Launch Pad

For brand-new businesses: set yourself up for success with effective branding from day one.

Everything you need for a successful brand launch.

New businesses live or die by their ability to build trust on the internet. Without a proven track record or positive word-of-mouth, the way you present yourself becomes your most important asset.

Launch Pad is a one-month engagement that helps you do just that: present yourself in a way that creates trust with your audience, increases the perceived value of what you do, and begin to build brand recognition from day one.

The engagement consists of four phases:

1. Phase One: Strategy & Positioning

In the first week of Launch Pad, we will come together for a total of three workshops on Google Meet. During these workshops, we’ll define your target audience, brand positioning, service/product offering, audience-specific value propositions, and your most important business/marketing objective.

2. Phase Two: Messaging & Naming

In the second week of Launch Pad, I will prepare a brand messaging kit for you. It’ll contain polished, ready-to-use messaging devices and snippets of sales copy that communicate your value propositions. If you don’t already have a name for your business, I will brainstorm five options for you to choose from. I will present everything to you on a call at the end of the week.

3. Phase Three: Logo & Visual Identity

We will get together for a call at the beginning of the third week, during which we will decide on a creative direction for your visual identity. I will then spend the rest of the week designing a logo (with an alternate version for use on social media) and complementary visual identity system: colour palette, typographic treatment, and layout rules.

4. Phase Four: Marketing Website & Launch Materials

In the final week of our Launch Pad engagement, I will set you up with a small but professionally designed website geared towards driving your most important business objective (we’ll determine what that should be together during week 1). Finally at the end of week four, I will deliver your new website along with a small PDF guide on how to put your new brand to use.

The investment required for my Launch Pad engagements is 6,000 USD plus a few hours of your time.

What to expect

  • Launch with confidence

    Starting a new business is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. Reduce your launch anxiety by making sure that all your branding and marketing pieces are in place.

  • A brand that inspires trust

    People do judge book by its cover. If you present yourself poorly, that’s how you’ll be perceived. In a world where image is everything I’ll make sure you get taken seriously.

  • Drive business results

    At the end of the day, your goal is to make money. Your new messaging, identity, and website will drive real business outcomes for you.

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