Brand Strategy

Stop marketing in the dark. Know what to say and who to say it to.

What is brand strategy?

If your brand image is how people perceive your company, your brand strategy is how you plan to shape that image. It lays the foundation for how you market yourself, and even informs a lot of decisions that on the surface have nothing to do with marketing or branding.

Going through a brand strategy process forces you to think critically about your company, how people currently perceive it, and how you want it to be perceived. You will be answering questions such as “How do I set my business apart from my competitors to get a competitive edge?”, “What is my value proposition to target customers?”, and “Who is my target customer, anyway?”.

At the end of our engagement together, you will walk away with newfound clarity, feeling empowered to communicate with potential customers in a way that connects with them and compels them to action, on platforms where they’re actually paying attention.

Ryan Glover, Hypothesis

I had all these ideas about what my brand should be and how I want to run my business. They just weren’t very clearly formed, and I didn’t have a good framework or structure to get them out. Jon helped me extract the stuff in my mind in a way that made it meaningful and useful to me.

Ryan Glover, Hypothesis

How you will benefit


Marketing in the dark, second-guessing yourself


Knowing just what to say, how to say it, and to whom


Competing on price in a never-ending race to the bottom


Competing on brand and commanding premium prices


Copying what everyone else is doing, playing catch-up


Blazing the trail and leaving your competitors in the dust


Not really knowing who your ideal customer is


Knowing exactly who they are, and what they care about


Being paralyzed by shiny-object syndrome and choice overload


Confidently making decisions about your business and your branding

What to expect

  • Immediate clarity

    My process is designed to extract practical insights and generate clarity of action in one week or less.

  • Sharper branding

    By asking challenging questions, I help you sharpen your own thinking and align your brand vision with your overarching business goals.

  • Personal roadmap

    Actionable roadmap to reshape your messaging, visual identity, and marketing tactics in order to build a brand that people love.

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