Brand Overhaul

For established businesses who have been neglecting their branding.

You’ve got a successful business, but your branding is a mess.

Most small businesses neglect their branding, succeeding in spite of bad positioning, ineffective messaging, and sloppy identity design. That’s a great sign! It means you’re doing a lot of other things right.

But eventually you reach a point where you realize that what’s gotten you to this level, won’t necessarily get you to the next.

You struggle to stand out from your competitors. Your verbal and visual communication isn’t connecting with potential customers, and you feel like you’re constantly fighting an uphill battle to build trust and awareness. That may be why you’re here today.

When we work together, we will rebuild your brand from the ground up: starting with refining (or defining!) your brand strategy and positioning, and after that, moving into things like messaging, naming, visual identity systems, and even your website.

At the end of our project, your brand will grab people’s attention, stick in their minds, and compel them to action.

Dennis Walsh, Crosscut

Jon’s process really moved the ball forward for me.

He helped me think critically about my brand and he was able to distill all my different ideas into something actually marketable. Moreover, he presented strategies and tactics to increase awareness that weren’t even on my radar.

But what I really found refreshing was his energy, curiosity, and excitement. That’s something I really look for in the people I work with. When I find someone who takes this stuff as personally as I do, that’s someone I like to hold on to.

Dennis Walsh, Crosscut (formerly called Wheel Kinetics)

My Brand Overhaul engagement is customized to your unique needs. We start with a standardized Brand Strategy phase, priced at 4,500 USD, during which we determine exactly what direction your brand needs to head in, and what I’ll do to help you get there.

Depending on the total scope of work, expect your total investment to be at a bare minimum 10,000 USD. Please inquire for more information.

How you will benefit


Marketing in the dark, second-guessing yourself


Knowing just what to say, how to say it, and to whom


Competing on price in a never-ending race to the bottom


Increasing your perceived value and commanding a higher price tag


Not really knowing who your ideal customer is


Knowing exactly who they are, and what they care about


Suffering from chronic shiny-object syndrome and choice overload


Confidently making decisions about your business and your branding


Presenting your company and products in a slipshod manner


Showing that you are committed to top-notch quality in all areas


Being perceived as a dime-a-dozen business


Having a brand that sticks in people’s minds and makes a great impression


Feeling embarrassed to show people your logo


Wanting to slap it onto everything (show some restraint, please!)


A visual identity that repels potential customers


A visual identity that creates desire and pulls people in

What to expect

  • Marketing clarity

    My process is designed to extract practical insights and generate clarity of action in one week or less.

  • Razor-sharp branding

    Branding so sharp it can cut glass. Stand out, create desire, get people to buy, and stick in their minds.

  • Business revitalization

    Inject energy into your business, sharpen your thinking, and generate new interest in your brand.

Let’s talk one-on-one.

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