Brand Acceleration

Ongoing consulting and coaching to move your brand forward.

Who this is for

Brand Acceleration is an ongoing advisory retainer for business owners that want applied advice and feedback on their marketing and branding initiatives.

You will receive unlimited access to me via Slack, WhatsApp or iMessages (your choice). In addition to that, we will get together on Google Meet for 90 minutes once per month.

I will actively share ideas and links that I think might be of interest or use to you. Beyond that, it is up to you how we spend our time together. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tap my brain for business, branding, and marketing expertise
  • Treat me as your sounding board or a second pair of eyes
  • Use me for gut checks
  • Ask me to keep you accountable
  • Have me vet marketing vendors for you
Ed Latimore, best-selling author

The other guys don’t have a Jon—and even if they did, I’m not sure they would do the work—but everyone should have a Jon.

Ed Latimore, best-selling author

Your monthly investment is 500 USD, and you’re free to cancel at any time if you feel you’re not getting enough value out of our conversations.

Ryan Glover, Hypothesis

Jon is not just talented at what he does, he’s also not a pain in the ass. Unfortunately a lot of the people doing this who are good are also egotistic, which often sours the relationship. With Jon there’s no drama or ego, and he’s easy to deal with.

Ryan Glover, Hypothesis
Mathijs van der Vegt

Jon is just a pleasant person to work with. He always seems genuinely interested in things, and not only about the things that are business-related. Sometimes he’ll ask about a thing from a previous conversation, ‘How did that or that go?’

Mathijs van der Vegt
Thijs Brilleman

Jon is a structured thinker, who is able to, without being a nerd, extract important ideas and recombine them in useful ways.

Thijs Brilleman

Let’s talk one-on-one.

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