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My tools & resources

Below are the tools and products that I use in my business. Some of the links are affiliate or referral links (I've labelled them clearly), which means I get a small reward if you become a customer through my link.

Admin Stack

What I use to accept credit card payments from clients. No monthly costs, but they do charge a 2.9% transaction fee. It hurts, but it's worth it. Link →

I don't think PayPal needs any further introduction. I dislike it, but occasionally pay bills & invoices through it. Affiliate payouts usually go through PayPal too. Link →

I've spent weeks researching services that let you send out legally binding contracts and invoices. The best one I've come across is AndCo. Best for soloists. If you use my referral link we'll both get $20 (aka one month) off. Referral link →

🇸🇪 This tool is only relevant if you're based in Sweden. It's the bookkeeping tool I use. I hate bookkeeping and accounting with a passion, but this tool automatically fetches transactions from my bank account. They also offer free advice. Link →

Google Suite
I use G-Suite for my email account. It also gives me some additional benefits, like extra Drive storage. I used to pay for it directly to Google, but in 2020 I moved my G Suite account to Name.com. Why? Because Google forces you to pay monthly. But if you go through a reseller like Name.com, you can pay annually. This makes bookkeeping a little easier. Link →

All of my files are stored on Dropbox. This means everything I do in my business is automatically backed up to the cloud, and across my devices. It also means I can turn off "offline access" to large files that I seldom access (like mockup templates). I pay for their $120/yr Plus plan, which gives me 2TB of storage. Their free plan gives you just 2GB of free storage, but if you use my referral link they'll add another 500MB (I also get 1GB of additional storage, which I definitely don't need.) Referral link →

Please don't use the same password for all your accounts. Personally, I use Dashlane to manage my passwords. I like Dashlane, but lately I've had issues with their browser plugin on Opera (it's stopped auto-filling login info for me). I might change it, but for now Dashlane serves me well across my devices. Sign up via my referral link and we'll both get 6 months off (that's $20 off). Referral Link →

Creative Stack

Adobe Creative Cloud
In my client work, I use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, and XD. In my own business, I also use Premiere Pro (to edit my YouTube videos!). At over $500/yr Creative Cloud is not cheap, but you get incredible value for your money. I'd be useless without it. Link →

When I write articles (or take notes during sales interviews), I do so using Typora. It's a fantastic no-frills Markdown editor. Link →

Apple Keynote
For all presentation needs, I use Keynote. I use Keynote during strategy workshops and to present competitive analyses. I also use it to create project proposals and client onboarding decks. Link →

Creative Market
When you do creative work, presentation matters. I never show a logo design or identity system in isolation; I always show how it would look in the real world. I spend hundreds of dollars on mockup templates every year. And my go-to place to look is Creative Market. Link →

Marketing Stack

I've used ConvertKit on and off for years, and recommend it to most of my clients who need an email marketing tool. In 2019 I switched to Mailchimp, partly to see if I could recommend it to clients on a strict budget, partly to save money myself. Now I'm back on ConvertKit. Mailchimp is OK… But ConvertKit is far better, and much easier to use. The $25/mo is easily worth it. Affiliate link →

My go-to tool for sending out cold emails at scale is called Mailshake. It's more expensive than I'd like (and since I hardly ever send out cold emails at scale, this is an on-and-off tool for me). But it's easy to use and works really well. Link →

Duh. Chances are you found me through here. And a lot of my clients find me through Twitter. Link →

When I write on my blog, I usually try to make sure I can rank for some relevant keywords. Ahrefs provides in-depth search data and makes it easier to find topics to rank for. At ~$100/mo, it's ridiculously expensive. Only get Ahrefs if organic search and inbound marketing is an important part of your marketing strategy. Link →

RightMessage helps you learn about your website audience, pitch more relevant offers (for example, you can ask a visitor a question and then pitch your email list in a way that's relevant to them), and even tailor website content. I use it on my website, and one of my clients—Ed Latimore—also uses it to increase conversion rates on his. It's great, and this type of tech is going to revolutionise online marketing. Affiliate link →

Tech Stack

Sometimes I build websites for clients. When I do, I prefer to use Webflow. If you didn't know, Webflow lets you create websites from scratch without writing any code. I'm actually a competent front-end developer, but with Webflow's interface I'm able to move a lot faster than I would otherwise (and the quality of the code that it outputs is higher than any similar tool). Clicking is faster than typing. Affiliate link →

Sometimes Webflow isn't an option. In those situations, I hand-code websites using Jekyll, and then I host them on CloudCannon, which has a built-in CMS. The hosting is super high quality, and their customer support is clutch. Link →

Netlify is what I use to host the CultMethod website nowadays. In the past, I used CloudCannon for everything, but I think it's important to test out new tools and platforms — there's always room for improvement. Netlify is great, but I can't recommend it to my clients because of their restrictive bandwidth limits (many of my clients get hundreds of thousands of pageviews every month). But if you have a small website built on Jekyll it's clutch. Link →

I'm not nearly as good at automating things as I'd like to be, but for some repeatable tasks I use Zapier. Zapier lets you connect different tools to each other (for example, when I receive a non-spam contact form submission on my website Zapier sends it to my email address). Link →

My domain names are registered via Namecheap. The few times I've experienced any issues, their customer support has been great. Most of their competitors… Not so much (except for Name.com, mentioned earlier). Affiliate link →

Google Analytics
I use Google Analytics to see how many people visit my website. In the future I might switch to some other analytics tool (not a fan of Google), but for now this is what I'm using. Link →